What is The Art To Move about?

Experience Freedom and aliveness
Through the Exploration
of MOvement

Exposure to struggle and the unknown, to move better and  truly learn. Experience self responsibility and find the way through the chaos of life. A beginners mindset, never ending learning.


We all are, and by this I mean EVERYONE, choosing with what to fill the time we have.

Learn to think, make the right decisions and build your character.

Become strong, mobile and diversely capable. Be able to move freely and explore movement without limit.

We experience aliveness and we share it. A community of likeminded people, there to support each other.

Who am i

Nikolai Pawlas

I try to live my life fully. I do and explore what is meaningful to me. I move, a lot.
I view movement as a central pillar of life.

Nowadays it is a potent accelerator for growth, providing what is needed in todays society.
Realness, aliveness, struggle and adversity and the experience of self responsability.

I believe in being a lifetime student while simultaneously being a teacher as well.


The core values

These experienced truths I hold close to my heart.

Self Responsibility

Choose your attitude

Attitude I believe is the posture of our mind. How do we hold ourself in life regardless of the circumstances.It influences among other things our perception, our stress level, the importance we assign to happenings, in short the quality of our life.What is so powerful is that it is not dependent on what is happening.It is one of the skills of the mind that can and need to be developed.


One Body

Everything we experience, our whole life happens through our body. What you will and can experience is directly related to your body and it's ability to move.
To me this leaves only one conclusion. Developing this body and caring for it. Developing physical intelligence and options to move, is the #1 best investment.

The Real

Keep the fire alive

In todays society, we are overwhelmed by seemingly important things, dictating our life and leaving us constantly stressed out.
Early on we loose our fire and with it curiosity, we stop learning and stop developing.
We loose sight of what actually is important, real and meaningful.

I believe, we need to bring back this aspect of our life. Playfulness, the feeling of being alive, connecting with real experiences.
Continue to learn and actively start living the one life we have.


" It’s hard to distill what I learned from Nikolai in a few sentences because there are many. The best way to put it is perhaps ‘the attitude towards life’.
Yes he helps me from not being able to do a proper chin up to doing multiple ones in a set, and being able to do more dips than many men in my gym.

But to me the most valuable thing I got in the journey is being not afraid to try and fail and try again. 
With his teaching I not only find physical strength but mental strength as well.”

Yun Lee
Distance Learning Student, Taiwan

" I’d have to say my time spent in online coaching has been some of the best coaching I’ve ever received. The man has been through the process and has tons of knowledge on various different physical disciplines. The best part was the constant communication week to week and phone calls whenever needed. I experienced a lot of firsts with Niko including my first full range handstand push-up, first press to handstand, and first full bridge without any feet elevation.

These are things I have been working on for a long time and never thought I would actually achieve so I’m forever grateful for Nikolais support.”

Garrett Kuljian
Distance Learning Student, California

When I suddenly had the idea of ​​wanting to learn a handstand, Nikolai was recommended to me. I looked at his homepage to get an impression. My first thought was, how is such a young man supposed to teach me anything…

This has been over six months ago now and I absolutely love his style of coaching. Nikolai Is not only a great coach, but he also is a lovely human being. He exactly knows when to be strict in his guidance and is available, whenever neccessary. I can recommend Nikolai to anyone who wants to be coached physically and mentally.
Thanks again for everything, Nikolai.

Ella Meier
Distance Learning Student, Germany

what's next?

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