Who am I

Nikolai Pawlas
What is behind the art to move

From an early age onwards, learning has been my passion. It took some time for me to realise this.

Who I am

At one point I realised that there is more. More depth, more growth and more meaning.
One just needs to go looking.

To tell you my story, let me take you quite some years back into my childhood.

Imagine a little boy, a dirty face, fighting its way through the busches. In one hand a stick that he needs to fight the approaching cowboys. I always loved it to move, without thinking much about it. Being alive, feeling the elements on my skin, being engaged in what is real. It just was part of my nature.

Later in life, when the whole cowboy and Indian thing got old, my curiosity led me to various movement disciplines. Soccer, Martial Arts, breakdance, Skateboarding and Parkour to just name a few. Furthermore I started to dive into the world of strength training, to build up my body and support my movement through it.

With my background I naturally felt the desire to share my passion, so I began my studies as a personal trainer. While I still was in school I then started working in a gym in my free time, trying to gain as much experience as possible.

Soon however I started to miss something, my practice did not fulfil me anymore. All those boxes, Strength Training, Parkour or Martial Arts were so separated and restricted. I desired freedom and the ability to move freely and explore movement without artificial boundaries.

I also started to realise that that the people who I was working with as a trainer more often than not shared my desire. The problem was clear to me. The fitness industry did not address this and thus left the people disappointed and seemingly without options.

Everything was so superficially motivated. Movement a burden rather than an enjoyable central aspect of life. The situation was off. Fun, diversity, constant development, growing complexity, deep and meaningful experiences of aliveness? Non existent.

I found a new direction, when in my search for something better, I stubbed upon Ido Portal.

The penny has dropped, I am not alone! The desire for general ability to move, for more depth, more than the the mainstream fitness world ever could reveal, became a reality.

Since then I am digging deeper by the day. Exploring this infinite ever expanding cloud called movement. Constantly developing and learning from the best in the industry. I attended multiple international workshops and seminars looking for the best information out there.

Diversity, creativity, enjoyment, real development and meaning are general directions in our human existence. Why should our physical practice be dull, boring and one dimensional? There is no reason for it, just lacking exposure to the other option out there.

To me its exiting and incredibly important to share this passion of mine. Supporting interested people, people that are looking for more, in their quest of exploring movement. Assisting their journey of development of body and mind.

Qualifications and Influences:

Athletictrainer (SAFS&BETA). Personal Trainer & Fitness B-Licence (StormTeam).

My teachers through the years: Marcello Palozzo. Ido Portal.  Joseph Bartz. Emmet Louis. Luke Leaman from Muscle Nerds. Fighting Monkey. Philip Chubb. Rate Kelly. Mikael Kristiansen. And many more.